Our Choice

Because of Michael’s spinal cord injury, we always knew growing our family would be a challenge. We weren’t that worried about it going into marriage because we were just so happy to be together after dating long distance. We focused on building our marriage and our careers.

Then, somehow a switch flipped and my (Dana’s) biological clock went into overdrive! It was about two years into our marriage. We began trying on our own, with no luck.


During an interview with VH1, talking about our hope to become parents

A couple of years later, we moved closer to family in the Virginia Beach area and hoped to start our family there. We were even on a national reality show on VH1 about our quest to become parents!

Eventually, we tried fertility treatments. It was scary to try because we knew it was a long shot. Our first attempt at IVF succeeded and we were pregnant! I remember being shocked when the doctor’s office called with the test results, coming home to flowers and celebrating together.


The first (and only time) we saw positive pregnancy tests

We later learned we would have to say goodbye soon. The baby was growing outside my uterus and it put my life in danger. The loss was heartbreaking.

After a few months, we tried again. We were hopeful, but something inside me had switched. The loss of our baby helped to strengthen my faith and going into this second attempt, I just trusted God that He would build our family.


Frozen Embryo Transfer

That second attempt did not work. We took some time after this to search our hearts. One Saturday morning, we were laying in bed talking. I had been researching adoption for months, and brought it up to Michael – only to realize that was exactly what he was thinking of, too!

The more we read about open adoption, the more we felt this is exactly the path for us. We could continue to pursue fertility treatments. In fact, that’s what our doctor suggested, saying we have a good chance at having a successful pregnancy.


With Jason Mraz, who sings ‘our song,’ “I Won’t Give Up”

But our hearts have shifted. We really want to adopt! We consider it an honor to be parents. To have a chance to raise a child and provide him or her a safe, fun home. A life filled with opportunities for education, sports, a childhood full of good memories. We believe the character we have developed will help us guide and teach a child. We have a good, stable home and room in our hearts to share our life with a little one.