Our Family Values

We love God and love each other. It has been messy, infuriating, disappointing, and humbling; but also encouraging, affirming, strengthening, and invigorating. We really are better because of each other.

We enjoy intelligent conversation about weighty matters balanced by our silly inside jokes and goofy humor. We love good concerts, long car rides, decorating, a tidy house, and spending time together. We enjoy providing for and treating each other. We both love our puggle Brokaw so much. Faith, however really is at our core. It is something that drew us to each other. 

We are intentional about our marriage, constantly checking ourselves against each other and our values. We have an honest, ongoing dialogue about where we stand and what we can do better. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and God. It gets trying, prickly, and even messy, but it is honest. We strive to spend more quality time together: intellectually stimulating, entertaining, and memorable. Routines and responsibilities can become ruts. We want to get out and enjoy experiences. So we really are completely enthusiastic about finally becoming parents! 

Honestly, who in their right mind is ever “ready” for this responsibility? This is an enormous gamble, even greater than marriage. Recently we moved to Northern Virginia. We are in an unexpected and unbelievably wonderful position to provide for someone else out of abundance: financially, emotionally, and spiritually. The adoption process haa only confirmed how ready we are to bring somebody into our family and pour into him or her from this abundance. 

We have cousins adopted and blended in our family: this is nothing new. Dana’s family welcomed a young man with a disability into their family. These cousins will only affirm our child’s sense of normalcy. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents are all so eager for us to be parents. We intend to live in diverse and enriching communities where our child can experience a healthy exposure to ideas and understand the diverse family experience of others. 

As parents we are committed to four aims:

  1. Reaffirming the security of the child
  2. Reaffirming the personhood of the child
  3. Reaffirming the potentiality of the child
  4. Reaffirming the role of the child in her family and community