Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions.

What type of adoption are you pursuing?

We are pursuing domestic infant adoption. That means we plan to adopt a newborn, born in the United States.

Will it be an open adoption?

Yes. We believe this is best for everyone involved. “Open adoption” means we will have an open relationship with our child’s birthparents.

Do you want a boy or girl?

TBD! We are open to either gender.

What race?

We are open on race. Meaning, we would welcome a child of any race into our family. We have had some education about this, we live in a diverse community, and would make every effort to raise our child aware of his or her racial and cultural background.

How long will the process take?

This is a wild card. Some adoptive families come together quickly. Sometimes it takes years. We are anticipating a 1-2 year wait overall.

How will you be “matched” with a birthmother?

We plan to sign on with an adoption agency called Quiver Full Adoptions, based in South Carolina. Our home study will be finalized any day now and once that happens, we will go on the waiting list for Quiver Full for 3-4 months. Then we will “go live” with them, meaning we will be among the adoptive families in their agency.

Could you be “matched” through social media?

Absolutely! In fact, social media is a key factor for us as we look to make a connection with an expectant mother looking to make an adoption plan for her baby. Social media holds a lot of connections. And our baby could be growing already – and we could find him or her through a friend of a friend of a friend…

How can we help?

1. We would love your prayers! Adoption is a difficult journey. It begins with loss. Please pray for our future baby, and his or her birth parents. Pray for us that we will endure this long road, and that we will be a blessing and a light to everyone involved.

2. Adoption isĀ crazy expensive! If you would like to come alongside us to help support this dream financially, you can! The link will take you to our crowdfunding page through AdoptTogether, a non-profit that helps raise money for adoptive families. We plan to apply for grants, too. And be on the lookout for fundraisers coming soon!