About Us


At the Liberty University

We are Michael and Dana. We are a Christian married couple.  We live in the Washington, DC area. Dana leads a network TV news team.  Michael is a web developer. He works from home.


Our first dance

We have been married for 8 years and feel the time is right to add to our family. We are excited about adoption, and look forward to the honor of raising a son or daughter!

We enjoy the simple things like being together, trying new recipes and playing records as we chill together in our apartment. We love our neighborhood. We live in a new modern high-rise apartment building. It’s right across from a park and there are many conveniences right here in our neighborhood, like restaurants, Whole Foods, schools, businesses, a mall and the metro – which gives us quick access to everything in the DC area.


Brokaw enjoys going out to dinner with us

We have an 11-year-old puggle (pug/beagle mix) named Brokaw. He is really cute! He loves to be included, so we often walk to restaurants in our neighborhood and eat at a sidewalk table so we can bring him along.

Our extended family loves us and is excited for us to adopt a little one to add to our family.

Dana has an older sister and a younger brother. Dana’s sister has three boys and Dana’s brother has two boys.

Michael has a younger brother, who has four boys. Our family is full of boys!


Easter Sunday at church with Michael’s parents, Buddy & LaDonna


Dinner with Dana’s parents, Cindy & Dave. Of course, Brokaw is included (look under the table)

Our parents look forward to a new grandchild to spoil. Dana’s mom owns a baby shop and is ready to supply the new grandbaby with everything he or she will need. Michael’s dad is a pastor and his mom is a teacher. Trips to the grandparents’ will provide access to the beach and to the country, a childhood of great memories.

We are honest and real and like everyone else, we face challenges. Some have to do with the fact that Michael is a c5/6 quadriplegic (paralyzed in 1994). Because of this, we always knew we’d have trouble having children. We attempted fertility treatments and suffered a heartbreaking loss.

After that, we realized we were on the same page in really wanting to pursue adoption.


With all of Michael’s family at Thanksgiving

Michael’s family has a history of adoption. He has cousins who were adopted domestically and internationally.  Adoption is something we celebrate in our family!

We believe we serve an almighty, sovereign God, and through Him, we can do all things.

We enjoy laughing, traveling, reading, writing, painting, taking pictures and experiencing life with family and friends.